Local Due Diligence Solutions
Purchasing an asset, financing a project, or partnering with another company during requires extensive due diligence. Local Due Diligence Solutions is a customized service based on ARC Perspectives' experience guiding major initiatives through the development process.

Complete due diligence goes beyond the balance sheet. Projects are often fraught with unknown misrepresentations, opposition, and local expectations which result in project delays, higher costs, and potential damage to company reputation. Proper on the ground due diligence not only identifies potential difficulties, it can also lay the foundation for smooth local transition and company reputation enhancement.

ARC Perspectives is prepared to research and analyze a potential single or multi-asset acquisition.

ARC Perspectives develops a full understanding of the profile, history, and general perception of the developer and the project. Local expectations are uncovered, as well as untapped opportunities discovered.

Custom integrated services may include strategic consulting, investigation, expert analysis, and risk assessment. Other requested services can include the handling of sensitive political issues, satisfaction of regulatory compliance, and public relations activities.
   ARC Perspectives customizes each assignment to meet the client's goals.

Local project activities may include:
  • Verify and assess land use, zoning compliance, and local government regulatory compliance
  • Identify potential local incentive opportunities
  • Analyze community support and opposition risk
  • Determine reputation of the project in the community
  • Facilitate transfer of local permits

Since 1992, ARC Perspectives has built and maintained exceptional relationships for its clients.
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