Case Studies
Coalition Creation

    ARC Perspectives created an alliance of 23 public and private organizations representing 1.5 million members. The coalition, consisting of agriculture, trade organizations, labor, economic development, elected officials and governments came together to support the $1.2 billion expansion and feedstock conversion of a nitrogen fertilizer plant from volatile natural gas to clean coal gasification technology. Four hundred people turned out to attend a required Illinois Environmental Protection Agency air permit hearing. Supporters of the plant conversion outnumbered those opposing the project 10 to 1.

    ARC Perspectives facilitated the creation, support and passage of the first county zoning ordinance in Illinois allowing wind farm development as a permitted agricultural use.
Local Permitting for Leading Wind Farm Developer

    ARC Perspectives organized public hearings, public outreach and acted as an interface with local government officials for a multi-national wind turbine manufacturer in its efforts to secure special use permits in 5 individual counties. The 3 proposed utility-scale wind farms totaling 500 megawatts represent an investment of $1.2 billion and are estimated to generate enough electricity to power 129,000 homes.
Consultant to International Alternative Energy Companies Entering the US Market

    ARC Perspectives consults to several companies entering the U.S. alternative energy markets. Consulting areas include public-private partnerships, public outreach, construction trade relations, business culture and local government relations.
Public Funding Support

    ARC Perspectives worked with local economic development officials, the county and construction trades to obtain preliminary approval of a $12 million dollar alternative energy grant from the State of Illinois for the construction of a 30 million gallon capacity, flexible-feedstock biofuel facility in Illinois.
Public-private Industrial Park Partnership

    ARC Perspectives created a unique "wet" industrial park concept for the client in order to attract industries that discharge at least 25,000 gallons of waste water per day, taking advantage of resources available in the area such as necessary skill sets, water and water management,. The park will function and be marketed as an industrial cluster that encompasses not only wet industry itself, but key components of the industry's supply chain. ARC Perspectives secured $1.725 million dollars in project funding from the U S Economic Development Administration.
Redevelopment Project Planning and Management

    ARC Perspectives created a plan to redevelop a century-old 14 acre, 14 building campus for a not-for-profit client specializing in the education of those working in the fields of preservation, conservation and museum collections care. The campus had suffered over 35 years of deferred maintenance. Most of the buildings had no heating or air conditioning. Roofs, eaves and masonry were deteriorating.
    Recognizing growth as a key to attaining the redevelopment goals of the organization, ARC Perspectives set out to expand the presence of the organization. Relationships were forged with government and private entities capitalizing on a publicly recognized need for preservation trades and maintenance education.
    ARC Perspectives secured state and federal grants for planning. A planning, architecture, engineering, site planning, and hospitality team was assembled to design and implement the $26 million rehabilitation project.
Historic Rehabilitation

    ARC Perspectives planned and managed a 5-year rehabilitation and upgrade of a major insurance company's historic 13-story home office building utilizing Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credits. In addition to gaining a tax credit equal to 20% of the rehabilitation project cost, the company was able to retain its downtown facility with its 350 employees resulting in no negative impact to the viability of the area.
Chemical Manufacturers

    ARC Perspectives recognizes chemical companies play an important role in all aspects of modern life. Without chemicals, everyday essential items such as clean water, clean air and food would be in alarmingly short supply. ARC Perspectives assignments within the chemical industry include expansion initiatives, public hearings, development of strategic constituencies, communications, and public involvement.